Sell Measuring Microscope STM505 and STM505D

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It is an ideal measuring instrument for simplifying inspection and precision measurement of diameter, forming tools, gauges as well as template checking of thread and angles.
Measuring travel: 50 x 50mm
Working distance: 67mm.
Glass stage size: 96x96mm
Maximum work-piece height: 115mm
Maximum work-piece weight: 5Kg
Magnification: 30x (15x eyepiece; 2x objective as standard)
The eyepiece protractor is graduated in 10
Minimum angle reading: 6'
Crossed roller bearings and key way stage construction ensure a true linear traverse in X and Y-axis.
Sighting device: cross-reticel
Resolution: Micrometer heads with 0.002mm minimum reading value for STM505; Digimatic measuring heads with 0.001mm minimum reading value for STM505D.
Optional accessories: Rotary table; 5x, 10x objective
Power supply: 110V/220V AC, 50/60Hz
Dimension: 210x333x391mm
Weight: 13.5Kg
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