Sell Meat Case

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Large display,
Easy access.
Ergonomics Design, Convenient for buffet counter
Automatic thermostat, defrost and control system.
Microcomputer control,
Plug-in solution.

The different temperature ranges can be set according to the different demands: 0~2centi degree for marine products and fresh meat; 3~5 centi degree for dairy products, such as beverage, milk products, sausages and cooked foods; 6~8 centi degree for fruits and vegetables, etc.
Two basic specifications: 2500mm and 3750mm.
Can be jointed together to suit your length requirements.
They are equipped with a head showcase when the cabinets are used back to back.

For this series product, the design of wide climate zone is used on the basis of the E6 design idea and according to the characteristics of climate of different regions. For this product, PVC front decoration material and anti-collision decoration material are used, thus the anti- impulse is strong. Simultaneously the showcase can be equipped with a remote monitoring system of computer, so that the real-time monitoring can be carried to the operation of the product and the technical guarantee can be provide for the modernized management of the supermarkets.
1. The design of wide climate zone and resisting poor working condition is used.
2. The design of double evaporator is used. An auxiliary evaporator with the dehumidification function is located in the front of the main evaporator, so that the accumulation of frost on the main evaporator has decreased and the useful area of evaporator has increased.
3. An imported outer balancing-type thermodynamic expansion valve is used so that the utilization ratio of evaporator has increased greatly and the efficiency of compressor has risen distinctly.
4. The unique design of air curtain, the air curtain is evener, the air is well-distributed with, the temperature is well proportioned, the energy is economized, and enhances the fresh quality of the food.
5. The multi-layered shelf can be combined freely, Their angle can be adjusted, thus the display effect is increased within utmost limits. Each layer of shelf is equipped with fluorescence lamps The display effect is more conspicuous.