Sell Meat grinder and sausage filling machine

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This set of equipment is composed of automatic dual-pinch ligature machine and ZGC1000 type automatic filling machine, driven mechanically, controlled by p rogrammable logic controller (PLC) and operated with filling switch. The whole machine is with advanced structure, easy operation, accurate quantity fixing, tight sealing and beautiful kink form, safe and sanitary. It has adjustable tightening and pulling structure facilitating proper filling amount. PVDC, nylon film, nylon shrink film and composite film can be used as casing. It is an ideal automatic filling equipment. Different ligature moulds and kinking structure can be offered upon users' demands. You can purchase the whole set of equipment or select some pieces to work together with relevant machines produced by other producers at home and abroad.

Main technical parameters:

Maxi productivity : 1500kg /h Volume of hopper : 75L
Speed of ligature : 30 times/m Scope of fixed quantity : 0 -1000g
Center height : 1000mm Error of fixed quantity : < 5g
Auxiliary moulds : K1, K2, K3 Loops of knik : 5-6 loops
Applicable folding width of casing : 15 -100mm Power of motor: 3-3.7kw
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