Sell Mechanical machining of metal parts and items

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We offer: Turning, Drilling, Milling, Grinding, Threading and Broaching.

Metal turning on lathes
-on universal turning lathes (processing diameter up to 1000 mm)
-on CNC-lathes (processing diameter up to 1000 mm)
-on one-spindle machines (processing diameter up to 20 mm)
-on 6 and 8 spindle machines (processing diameter up to 200 mm)
-on revolver machines (processing diameter up to 40 mm)

Metal milling on universal, horizontal and vertical milling machines with table dimensions of 400W1000 mm

Metal grinding
-on flat grinding machines (dimensions of the magnetic table 300W860 mm)
-on circular grinding machines (max X 315)
-on internal grinding machines (max X 100)
-on machines without centers (max X 40)
-on thread grinding machines (max X 200)
-on optical grinding machines

Metal drilling
-on vertical drilling machines (max X 40)
-on radial drilling machines (max X 60)

Metal boring
-on horizontal boring machines
-on coordinate boring machines