Sell Mechanism Charcoal

Mechanism Charcoal
Product introduction:

The mechnism charcoal is made from wood scaps, compressed, then carbonized. It is superior and favorable in modern society. In our company, this charcoal is made from environmentally correct raw material sources and the dehydration process is 100% natural. It is Widely used in living (especially in BBQ) , chemistry, metallurgy, construction. We can make as per customers' requirements.

Rugular form, hexagonal, rhombic, cylindrical, square, hollow inside

No additives, high density, totally carbonized

Ignites quickly and quietly

Burns longer

Smokeless, odorless and sparkless


Shape: 45mm *65mm *70mm, Hollow diameter: 12mm

Moisture: Below 8%

Ash: 8-15%

Fixed carbon: 80%

Calorific capacity: 6000Kilocalorie

Burn time: More than 4 hours/piece