Sell Medallion.


Our Beautiful Gold Medallion can be done in 10kt, 14kt, or even overlay. A great gift for any one to give to the one that they love. The Diamond is SI-H in Clarity and is .05 pt
With every gift that we sell a card comes with it to let your love one know where they place in there heart.
I. T. A. L. Y. "I'll Truly Always Love you" is a registor trademark and can't be sold by any one but through our company.
Our Medallion is 1" in diameter and weight 5.78in penny weight. The weight will vary depending on 10kt or 14kt. This is defently worth the amount in gold. The Spirit of love is eternal and this is the newest trademark out there getting ready to hit the market.
Come aboard now to share the proffits

This is what the card says when the gift is bought.

When you talk about Love, what is it?

Loyalty- A strong feeling of support or allegiance.
Honor-Regard with great respect
Respect-A feeling of admiration for someone because of their qualities and achievements.
Faithfulness- Remaining loyal and steadfast.

These are the things that Ill Truly Always Love You stands for. This is what its all about. When an item is bought, this gift is given to you with all these meaning.

I. T. A. L. Y
Ill Truly Always Love You.

May this gift be cherished for all the meaning that
it stands for.
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