Sell Medical Gas Manifold

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Gas manifold is mainly used in hospitals and other types of medical or healthcare institutions. It is an important part of medical gas pipeline system.

Our company can provide two types of gas manifold: manual and fully automatic.

Manual Gas Manifold
Our manual gas manifold is made of high quality material. The main pipe is made of copper which is over 3mm thick and has a diameter of 25. Altogether there are seven valves in one manifold to control the gas flow.

Detailed Information

Model: KBG2200M
The switch between gas sources on both sides is done manually; It is used for refilling gas.
Safety and reliability are ensured as the pipes are made of high-quality copper and the system has successfully undertaken pressure tests.
Silver bars are used in the welding process of the pipelines so that leakage is prohibited in use.
Easy to install.
Different types of manifolds are available for you to choose, including 2*3, 2*5, 2*10, etc.
It can be applied in handling the following gases: 02, N20, N2 and CO2.
Automatic Gas Manifold

Automatic gas manifold consists of a manual gas manifold and an auto-control cabinet which maintains automatic switch between two gas sources through pressure difference between the two gas sources.
Automatic gas manifold also has manual-switch device so that when the auto control cabinet cannot work properly, the gas supply is not interrupted.

Detailed information
Model: KBG2200A
Specially designed for automatic switch between two gas sources and is used for refilling gas.
Designed with pressure-reduce device which maintains a stable output pressure and an emergency outlet which opens when the pressure is too high.
It can be applied in handling the following gases: 02, N20, N2 and CO2.
In strict accordance with Q/SVDQ 01-2005 standard (Chinese ) and IEC 601-4(Medical system) standard (international) .