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Medical Gas Mainfold
The Gas Manifolds provide a means of manually or automatically changing the gas supply from one bank of cylinders to the other bank without interrupting the continuity of the supply.

Manifolds comprise a control panel, mainfold racks, tailpipes and an isolation valve and a pressure relief valve.

There are two kinds of manifolds in our company, one works manually and another works automatically. they are widely used in all kinds of hospitals.

Manifolds are available for Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide,50% Oxygen and 50% Nitrous oxide mixture, Carbon Dioxide and Compress Air.


Combination mode: 2*3,2*5,2*10
Inlet Pressure:15Mpa
Outlet Pressure: 0-0.5Mpa (Continuous adjustable)
Flow rate:30 stere per hour
Alarm Pressure: 0.810.1Mpa
Automatic Changing pressure(for Automatic Gas manifolds) :0.810.1Mpa
Voltage(for Automatic Gas manifolds) :220V/50Hz
Power (for Automatic Gas manifolds) :<15W