Sell Medical Gas outlets.

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Medical Gas outlet
We have four series of medical gas outlets, one accord with the British Standard, the second accord with the metric Standard, the third accord with American standard, the fourth accord with Germany standard. Usually the British Standard outlets are widely used in all kinds of hospitals, the followings are the characteristic of our British-Standard gas outlet.

Accord with ISO9701/HTM2033/C11 standard
Have passed over 10000 times detection, according with BS EN 737-1 1998 standard
Each outlet must be detected before leaving factory
Have Self-closed equipments, allowed to repaire while the gas havn't been switched off
Made up of copper and some high-strength and fireproofing polymers
Have functions of avoiding misplug
Easy installation
With high credibility and everlastingness
Beautiful appearance
Can be easily installed with bed head unit
Different outlets can be used with different medical gases.
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