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White cold Jelly(powder) : made from the extracted Plant Mucus of Liangfen Grass and selected super starch , no any preservative. Its formed jelly has a tender, crystal, cleanlily tasted feature, it is a natural food suitable to clear heat in summer.

Black cold jelly(powder) : It is a traditional black natural food made from extracted mucus of the natural herbage plant of Liangfen Grass, no any preservative, the product keeps a inhesion nature of clearness and cool as well as its fragrance of the grass, it can help clear heat expelling hotness and give you a silky flavor with a faint scent taste when eating.

CHINEMYS GREASE POWDER: it is palace grass medicinal food of the Chinese Qing Dynasty, it is made from the material of licorice root, local Tuckahoe, tortoise shell, honeysuckle flower, ect, it can help clear away heat and toxic material and remove toxic heat in your body, , keep your colour, adjust your intestine and stomach, nourish yin to moisten dryness, to reduce pathogenic fire relieving restlessness and eliminating dampness and heat of your body. Its formed grease is tender and silky, sweet flavor, it is a pure natural black food and medicine during all the seasons.