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Uncompensated, NonInvasive Medical Pressure Sensor.

The MPS-500G series pressure sensor is a packaged, unamplified silicon piezo-resistive bridge. Requires external amplification including sensor excitation, calibration and/or temperature compensation. The sense element has four pressure sensitive piezo resistors which are formed on the diaphragm surface of a bulk micro machined silicon chip. Applied pressure deforms a diaphragm causing piezoresistors change their resistance. This change in four
resistors, which constitute a wheat-stone bridge, results in a pressure proportional voltage. The pressure sensor die is mounted in a pre-molded plastic cavity package; dual in package (DIP) , that has a pressure port allowing pressure to act on the bottom side of the die to sense the pressure medium (air) . Binning of packaged sensors are made possible by fully automated customized testers.

7 High volume, low cost
7 Tested AAMI standards
7 Excellent offset voltage characteristics
7 Excellent span control
7 Excellent linearity control
7 Dual-in-line-package (DIP)
7 Vacuum pressure measurable

 Non invasive blood pressure monitors.
 Asthma peak detector
 Medical instruments
 Home use non-invasive blood pressure monitors
 Home appliance: vacuum cleaners,
washing machines

血 压 计 用 压 力 传 感 器

压 阻 型 封 装 形 式 , 表 压 型 , 规 格 :

8.4 x 7.2 x 9.63
参 数 :

Operating Pressure Range: 0~7psi

Over Pressure: 0~14psi

Zero Pressure Offset Voltage: 110mV

Non-linearity: 10.3%FS

Bridge Resistance: 2700~3900(Ohms)

Offset Stability: 11mmHg

Constant Current: -/1.5/3 (Min/Typ/Max) mA

Sensitivity: 0.1/0.2/0.3 (Min/Typ/Max) mV/V/psi

Full Scale Span: 40/50/60 (Min/Typ/Max) mV

Temperature coefficient of offset, TCO: 18.0%FS

Temperature coefficient of sensitivity, TCS: 11.3%FS

应 用 :

无 侵 入 血 压 计

哮 喘 高 峰 探 测 器

医 疗 器 械

家 庭 装 无 侵 入 血 压 计

家 用 设 备 : 真 空 吸 尘 器

洗 衣 机
Brand Name
8.4 x 7.2 x 9.63
Model Number