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Name: Medical Waste Incinerator
Serial number: Pro20098510460
Model: FSL-300
Price: Surpasses the market price
Manufacturer: LZEEP

Our Medical Waste Incinerator introduces the Japanese medical service incinerator technology, and organizes the technical expert to carry on the technical research and development, renounce the advantages and disadvantages of the similar equipment at home and abroad, which have developed a unique national and international medical trash incinerator. This equipment has the volume to be small, the burning down efficiency is high , the craft is reasonable , the technology is in the highest flight , the detoxification degree higher characteristic , it is an ideal waste disposal facilities for various types of hospital , hotels , railway stations , large commercial institutions , enterprises and institutions.
Main characteristics
1. Using the gasified burning technology, it applied to burn various kings of medical waste, such as injector, transfusing liquor vessel as well we waste materials such as paper, dressings absorbent cotton, dirt and debris from various medical hospitals and medical institutions.
2. Using the gasified burning technology, a daily refuse may be incinerated in one time.
3. Using the gasified burning, mixed burning and burn out treatment techniques, smoke-emission, dust content and dioxin content are less than the national emission standards.
4. Full closed operation, applicable to treat infectious medical waste and to prevent secondary pollution.
5. Small size, occupation of small land.
Technical sophistication of this incinerator
This product uses present Japanese most advanced burning down + two combustion + to burn through the processing burning down way . Equipment body uses the design structure of Japanese famous DAITO incinerator. Because this incinerator's combustion chamber's design used the gasified combustion technology , that cause combustion furnace temperature passes by 200 0to 400 0. As a result of gasification incineration method, waste generated in the incineration process will not dissolve quickly, slag fast , sintering and so on. Gasifies incinerator and the direct stove and other stoves compares, its has fewer dust , burns down in two mixes indoor has the indoor establishment to have two burning down burners and the link to the wind establishment. Under the high temperature, in the haze the flammable gas can burn fully, may the high efficiency the gas which and the air intensive mixing combustion produces the gasifier, prevents in the arrogance the carbon material overflow and the phenomenon of the late burns occurrence . High temperature flue gas entering the burn room, thanks to the tangential entry and combustion air tangential into the combustion mode and so on , so that the haze can burn through indoor again, while taking advantage of rotating combustion air for gas to leave the dust , combustion flue gas in the funace for probably 2 seconds, is the flue gas inn the combustible gas and fly ash in the burning of combustible material from , in the burning of the upper part with dry exhaust purification equipment, produced in the burning of hydrogen chloride, sulfur oxide objects such as adsorption treatment, flue gas and other components of the odor be broken down at high temperature. The haze purification system is equipped with the calcium hydroxide chlorine brick and the acidic gas carries on and the response, achieves the adsorption acidic gas, the purification exhaust function. So that the harmful components in flue gas down to the Satehazardous waste incineration and pollution control standard(GD184842001) standard requirement such as the value of that .

Combustion furnace's operating control uses the automatic program control, reducing the degree of labor worhers, the burning of the door, cleaning doors are designed with Picture-mounth form of full-sealed structure , incineration furnace and furnace completely isolated form the outside to form a negative pressure combustion to eliminate the possibility of secondary pollution , particularly for SARS and other infectious medical and hazardous waste handing, better demonstrate its unique advantages.
This burning down technical level processing international advanced, domestic is in the lead.
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