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Boantape(Adhesive Transpore Tape)
Rapid and secure fixation of dressings is of major importance in hospital and general practice. Boantape is the universal wide-area fixation because of its excellent transverse stretch and its quick and easy application.

Description and properties
Boantape is suitable for wide-area fixation of dressings, particularly on joints.It has excellent transverse stretch and applies to any part of body easily.
The transversely stretchable non-woven fabric backing is applied without creases, adapting extremely to contoured parts of body, and prevents constriction, congestion and disturbances of blood circulation, meanwhile, keeps movements free.
The polyacrylate adhesive holds firmly and reliably, which can be applied long-term, even on tapering, frequently moved parts and hairy parts of body. The adhesive is hypoallergenic and extremely well tolerated even by sensitive skin.
Boantape is permeable to moisture and air. It can preserve skins' natural environment and promote wounds healing, in addition, maceration can be avoided.
Boantape is radio-transparent. It needn't be removed whenever radiotherapy or X-ray examination.
Boantape is supplied in rolls with different widths to meet the various requirements. The required length can be cut individually from the roll. Centimeter division markings on the backing paper allow precise cutting to the selected length, therefore avoid unnecessary wastage.
Boantape can be removed easily and painlessly, even from hairy skin without leaving any residue.

Main uses:
Wide-area fixation of wound dressings, particularly on joints; frequently moved parts and contoured parts of the body and the extremities; secure fixation of tubes, catheters, measuring devices, instruments; in hospital and general practices.