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For Sale
Medical Supplies
In Date, Two Lots

Product: Wide variety of standard hospital supply goods, all new.

Manufacturer: Varied, see inventory listings

Dating: All in date

Inventory: See inventories of both lots attached to this Offer.

Value: Contract Pricing (less than Retail, what a Hospital chain would pay)

Lot 1, Consolidated Inventory: $1, 200,000
Lot 2, Specialty Inventory: $250,000
(includes 2 pallets of surgical needles)

Packing: All product is in new manufacturers packaging.
Lot 1, 53 pallets, cannot be double stacked
Lot 2, 7 pallets

Photos: See attached photo of product in warehouse, ready to inspect and ship.

Location: Oklahoma

Pricing: Lot 1, $440,000
Lot 2, $175,000

Schedule: Subject to prior sale.

Interested parties will receive full information.
Supply Capacity
Condition of Goods
Terms of Payment
l/c or t/t