Sell Medical ultrasound transmission gel, Ultrasound conductive gel

Medical ultrasound transmission gel, Ultrasound conductive gel
Product Details Place of Origin Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name bytech
Model Number BC5L
volume 5 Litter

Listing Description Ultrasound transmission, Ph value 5.5~8.0, high definition of displayed pictures and excellent effect of coupling optics
Detailed Description Ultrasound transmission gel

Volume: 5 Litter


1) excellent sound conduction and high clear-cut vision

2) has not any broken and cauterization effect to the probe

3) is suit for the large-scale testing work, and there is not any stimulation and toxin hypersusceptibility effect to the skin. it is suit for any spot of human body.

4) Good ductibility. if you daub this product on your skin, there will be no mucosity and pollution to clothes and your skin will become lubricative and easy to wipe.

5) High quality stability . it can be stored to be valid under the normal temperature for 3 years.

ComponentFunction Structure and Effect

1) It is water macomolecular gel which is make up of

clean water (90%) , carbomer 940 (5%) , sodium hydroxide(2%) , triethanolamine(2%) , antiseptic(0.5%) , edible paint(0.5%) , and tits appearance should be transparent, flavourless, photic and cold all-water gel.

2) It is fulfilled or spreaded between probe radiating surface and scarfskin of human body during the process of un-inserting ultrasonic diagnosis and treatment.


1) sound velocity 1520~1620 m/s

2) sound impedance 1.5W106~1.7W106

3 sound attenuation >=0.1 dB/(cm. MHz)

4) viscosity >=15 Pa. s

5) Ph value 5.5~8.0
Brand Name
Condition of Goods
5 Litter
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
500 Barrel/Barrels
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FOB Guangzhou USD 4~5