Sell Medium Voltage Switchgear UR4

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Medium Voltage Switchgear UR4
The UR4 Metal Clad Withdrawable Switchgear, made by Zhenjiang Daqo Eaton with three-phases alternating current 50Hz,7.2~15kV single busbar system inside the panel, used by power plant, water and electricity substation, city power supply bureau, industry system and the commercial building mostly to accept and distribute the power and control, protect and test the circuit.

Functional Features
A. UR4 Safe and Reliable Switchgear
1. All the operation of the panel including opening and closing of VCB, pushing and withdrawing of the truck and the operation of the earthing switches can be operated when the door was closed.
2. The opening or closing status of VCB and position of truck, charging status of mechanism can be inspected through the viewing window.
3. Front or rear maintenance option according to the requirement of customer.
4. In compliance with IEC60298, GB3906, DL404, pass type tests in KEMA and Xi'an national HV electrical equipment quality supervision and test center.
5. Adopt long creep distance and compound insulation measures to attain higher technical performance.

B. UR4 Practical Switchgear
1. Frame closed rigorously, can prevent the pollution and beastie from entering.
2. VCB is free-maintenance and its mechanism only needs little maintenance.
3. Emergency close and trip device on VCB compartment door, can manual close and trip VCB without opening the door.
4. Excellent truck exchangeability.
5. Secondary wires lay in big cable duct and easy for finding.
6. Enough room for cable connection.

C. UR4 Applicable Switchgear
1. This kind of panel can be used in the small substation or the old substation alteration with its 620mm width and 1400mm depth.
2. Installed standard transformer.
3. Can use all kinds of normal cable lugs.
4. Can parallel connect several cable (Max. connect 6 cable each phase) .
5. Cable or busbar incoming or outgoing, cable and busbar combined incoming and outgoing.

Technical Parameter
Rated Service Voltage: 6/10/13.8KV
Max. Service Voltage: 7.2/12/15KV
1 min. Power-frequency Withstand Voltage: 32/42/50KV
Lightning Impulse Voltage (peak) : 60/75/110KV
Rated Frequency: 50/60HZ
3s Short-time Withstand Current (rms) : 25/31.5/40/50/63KA
Rated Peak Withstand Current (peak) : 63/80/100/125/158KA
Main Busbar Rated Current: 630-5000A
T-Off Rated Current: 630-5000A
W: 620/800/900/1000mm
D: 1400-1800mm
H: 2200mm
Protection Degree: Enclosure IP4X (max. IP5X) , IP2X With Door Opened
Weight: 800-1100Kg (Including Truck)

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