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white powder
Whiteness (Reflectance) , %
92 Min
PH, 10% slurry,250
Solubility ,250, g/100mLH2O
0.15 Max
Total nitrogen, %
18.0 Min
Phosphorus (as P2O5) , %
68.0 Min
True density, g/cm3
about 1.9
Viscosity,10% slurry,250, mpa. s
20 Max
Degree of polymerization
1000 Min
Thermal decomposition onset, scan rate 300/min, 0
290 Min
Average particle size,50%pass, um
Particle size,98%pass, um

Key properties:
GD-APP102 Melamine cladding ammonium polyphosphate is GD-APP101ammonium polyphosphate modified by melamine on the surface.

1, Very low water solubility -GD-APP102 has low water solubility that is no more than 0.10g/100mlH2O at 200, which makes it useful in application where the product is exposed to high humidity conditions or water.
2, High phosphorus content and nitrogen content-GD-APP102 contains 68.0% phosphorus (as P2O5) and 18.0%nitrogen which makes it a very effective fire retardant.

3, Low viscosity  viscosity of GD-APP102 is below 20mpa. s.
4, Thermal decomposition onset that is above 2950, which makes it be widely used to plastic with different melt-point temperature.

5, Non-halogen-GD-APP102 is a highly effective non-halogen fire retardant.

GD-APP102 is an effective fire retardant for applications such as:

1, Intumescent latex and solvent based paints.

2, Polymer systems such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyurethane, rubbers, acrylics, polyterephthalate.

3, Building materials such as wall coverings, ceiling tiles, roofing products,

4, wall panels, wood chip board.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
150 tons Per Month
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
20 days
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Terms of Payment
L/C at sight or T/T
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FOB Shanghai,CFR,CIF