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Long-term supply of a large number of black melon 0.42 yuan / kg (rmb) and othe Description : Ornamental miniature pumpkin Cucurbita pepo types of ornamental pumpkins are mainly American, in the case fall under different varieties of pumpkin and pumpkin category type. Ornamental miniature pumpkins and sharp, green, yellow, orange, the colors staggered; Shape change is more lovely ornamental characteristics of Cucurbita pepo, some as small ducks, and some like a swan, like the flying saucer, there's the name : : watch mini pumpkin is based on the shape itself. Mini pumpkins at room temperature under normal viewing time is the preservation of more than half a year, this feature is undoubtedly increased his market potential. Ornamental miniature pumpkin = natural, green, and novel Christmas gifts Beautiful colors, shapes varied, beautiful gardens and lovely miniature pumpkin with the younger generation of aesthetic standards, particularly by young people like it. Guangzhou College of sales in a 20-day period before Christmas sales reached more than 20,000 yuan; Ornamental miniature pumpkins also suitable gift shop, floral shop, crafts shop sales. In other countries, like watching miniature pumpkins as a family home furnishings placed flowers generally the same, but the price is very high, so they are suitable for viewing miniature pumpkin friend recommended to the foreign trade customers. Choi gourd varieties : Natural plant materials : 7-12 cm high specifications : Description : colorful hyacinth has been one of the most popular varieties of ornamental miniature pumpkin, and white colors of yellow and white top, white bottom is a green and white. Shaped like a pear-shaped, like a small gourd, and renamed colorful hyacinth. Date : preserving normal room temperature for six months or so Time : suppliers have shelf