Sell Melon

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Long-term supply of a large number of black melon 0.42 yuan / kg (rmb) There have Bobai County melon cultivation habits, black melon cultivation is Bobai County in recent years, the introduction of new varieties of green skin black, white meat, melons, long, round, thick meat 6--7 centimeters long 60--80 centimeters single general emphasis 15--20 kg. Bobai County in the black melon cultivation almost all of the township, village defense to each other Asian cities, the size, yield and quality for the best. Covering an area of 3,000 acres, planted more than 1 million mu county area of perennial planting, yield 4--5 million tons, in spring and autumn planting, home to the largest area of autumn, output and more, the best quality. 5--6 harvest in the spring melon around melon in autumn 10--11, perennial season origin. Welcoming the owner needs to buy supply. (The information annually effective this season)