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MS. Melt Blown Filter Bag provides outstanding performance on contaminant applications where the minimalization of particle travel is important. The Melt Blown Filter Bag contains three layers:a pre-filtering layer that removes coarse debris; theprimary layer, composed of micro pores (for efficient particle retention) ; and an outer cover that prevents fiber migration. The finish-free fibers are non-foaming, which is ideal for food, beverage, water, chemical and coatings applications. Our long life time Melt Blown Filter Bag has very large dirt holding capability.

Made of super pure PP melt blown fiber
Absolute filtration efficiency
Super filtration area
Multilayer structure and complete filtration
Good dirt holding capacity of impurity
Good chemical resistance
Especially suitable for removal of oil, gel and so on
Syrup filtration
Boiler condensed water
Electrophoretic paint filtration in Automotive industry
Decolorant filtration in Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry
Fruit juice filtration
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