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LK-K965 Melter Glue Gun
1, Raising the temperature rapidly, it can work normally in 3 minutes.
2, Automatic regulated temperature design is fit for EVA plastic strips. Just adjust the temperature to the certain Celsius systemto control the stickiness of the plastic solvent. So, it is used for Polyamide strips to stick to the electronic parts.
3, Effective and energy-saving working way makes the plastic guns work continuously without decreasing the temperature.
4, The temperature button can control within 1000 Celsius system-2000 Celsius system.
5, The gun is very light. Even if you use for a long time, you will not feel tired.
6, Use one hand to operate, welding and supplying plastic can do at the same time so as to control the welding plastic output.
7, It can change the operation environment, decrease the working load and increase working efficiency.
8, With 100W of power, the plastic gun can be connected to the equipment. The output of the plastic can reach 800-850G/H.
9, The new silica material silica gel has a long lifespan. It is also durable. Imported potter heating parts have high-efficiency heating.
10, It can avoid spilling without loss and refluence.
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