Sell Membrane Coupling

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Our membrane coupling ended the import history of high speed/power membrane couplings by joint development with university. Our 39, 600 kw, 60, 000 rpm, 7-m length couplings have been running since 2000

Now we have become the major supplier of high performance couplings for Turbo Machines, Pumps, Mining Equipment, Rolling Mill, Cement Equipment, Refrigeration Machinery.

China, U. S. A, Germany, Italy, Mexico, etc.

Computer optimal design and limit element stress analysis assure safety, reliability of every component and minimize our coupling weight;
The overload collar on the drive bolts allows safe operation even under condition of transient overload.
Membranes are machined with NC cutting machines to avoid second tolerance accumulation by punching mould.
Back-up gear design is double circuit transmission. Torque transmission is taken by membranes in normal operating condition, and by the built -in gear in overload condition. This design has extraordinary safety.
Location precision of flange bolt holes is 0. 01 mm and 0. 001 mm can be met by NC boring machine.

Special adaptations are required to meet some specific applications. Sincflex has developed many new designs which are helpful to your engineering.
Electric insulation couplings have been applied in oxygen, hydrogen gas and other inflammable or explosive gas compressors. In the same time, it is the solution for gear galvanic corrosion.
There are different types of small shaft end gap couplings which can meet min. 2mm small shaft end gap equipment.
Axial limit couplings are applicable for shaft end floating machines and vertical installed machines.
Torque measurement can be done by installing measuring device on the coupling to monitor the torque change and feed back to central control room.
Strictly in compliance with API 671, dynamic balance correction is carried out for all the couplings with both section and final assembly testing. Bolts and nuts are weight balanced separately. The same component is interchangeable with weight tolerance less than 0. 2g. Excellent dynamic balance can be kept after multi-mount and dismount by rabbet fit.

Couplings, being stretcher of rotor, has big influence on rotor dynamics resulted from its weight gravity position, torque rigidity, critical speed and absorption of misalignment. The design of Sincflex couplings not only takes consideration of transmission capability of torque and speed, but also gives flexible distortion of coupling and the action value on rotor when equipment is out of alignment, which is important for safe running of the equipment.
An increase in angular misalignment makes reduction in axial misalignment and vice versa. Transient peak value misalignment may occur during start or stop. Sometimes, pre-stretcher may be necessary.
Angular, axial and radial misalignment in the equipment may cause flexible element distort and generate rotor axial force and extra bending moment. The nonlinear change of the axial reversed force with equipment misalignment may reduce rotor axial vibration response.