Sell Membrane Filter Machine

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This machine is very popular in the world. It contains protect and filter system, the protect system is cotton cloth, the filter system is mini hole filter. Use the mini hole to filter the sediment, make the beer clearly. To work with vane-type diatomite filter and column diatomite filter will constitute two-stage or triple-stage systen. It is used in the beer , grape wine, yellow wine, wine and beverage industry.

Membrane filter to the general structure of the column, dual-use parallel machines, Preparation of CO2 pressure-> Liquor Pump-> Filter wine-> Switching cycle-> Cleanout. The production process to ensure that each of the filter membrane filter column cleaned and regeneration in a timely manner so as to achieve continuous production. The general steps for regeneration: Automatic switch-> water at room temperature wash 5 minutes-> 70 0 warm water wash about 5 minutes-> 70 0 temperature 2% concentration lye cleaning of about 25 minutes-> about 90 0 hot water to bactericidal 30 minutes-> natural cooling 2 minutes-> discharge pressure-> standby.
Apply for: Beer, grape wine, yellow wine, wine and beverage industry.
Features: The aperture is uniformity and so tootheful to keep away the sediment, the mini hole occupy the 80% of the whole plate, so the filter speed is fast, no resort on the plate, widely used in many kinds of liquor, small volume, easy to change the core, and esay to operate.