Sell Memory Card, SD, MMC, 3C Card

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Product Name: SD, MMC Card

1. High speed trasfer rate.
2. Excellent reliability and compatibility
3. High storage capacity: Up to 1 Gbyte
4. Dimention:MMC: 32mm*24mm*1.4mm (L*M*H) , SD: 32mm*24mm*2.1mm (L*M*H)
5. Operating voltage: 2.7V ~ 3.6V
6. Operation temperature: - 20 ~ 850
7. Storage temperature: - 20 ~ 850
8. Low power consumption for portable device

Product Name: 3C Card Thinnest USB Disk
Item No. : OSC-701CU

1. 3C card can be used as traditional USB Disk
2. 3C card can be used as Standard SD/MMC card; it is the standard SD/MMC size.
and it is DC/mobile/PDA media card also;
3. Standard SD/MMC and USB port; share storage media
4. Standard SD/MMC size;
5. Only 2.1mm , the Mot thinnest Pen drive in the world, can be stored in wallet!

1. Standard size : Standard SD card Size (32*24* 2.1mm )
2. High Quality : all of Samsung A+ class Flash chip
3. High Speed USB disk: Standard USB 2.0 speed, (R/W: 9.5M / 8.5M /s)
4. High Speed SD card: almost same speed as 80 X
SD card( maybe different from various device)
5. Thinnest : the thinnest USB disk in the word
(only 2. mm) , easy to be stored in wallet.
6. Capacity: from 64M to 512MB