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Nutrients for the brain - a meal for your mind. Help keep your mind functioning at its peak and your wits sharp. This superb mind-nourishing formula features the world's leading "smart" herbs, Ginkgo Biloba and Acanthopanax Senticosus. Brain Factors also contain Nervonic Acid(memory enhancement) , DHA
(neurotransmitter health) , and EPA (mental stimulation) .
capsule determined free of toxicity and other contaminants
Extract from natural plant seed, (Acanthopanax Senticosus, Barbary Wolfberry Fruit) - Not fermented tryptophan)

Active Ingredients:
Nervonic Acid
[Precautions] Caution should be taken for pregnant women

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[Ingredients] Nervonic Acid, Hami Melon Powder, Acanthopanax Senticosus, Bunge Auriculate Root, Ginkgo, Rhodiola rosea, Tuckahoewithpine, Spina Date Seed, Barbary Wolfberry Fruit, Schisandra chinensis (Turcz. ) Baill, EPA , DHA
[Specification] 25capsules/bottle,2bottles/box
[usage and Dosage] twice/day,2-4capsules/time
1. Careful attention should be paid to patients with low heart beat, bronchus and asthma
2. Different dosage is decided by physical condition, dosing normally increases from one capsule.
3. No more than 9 capsules a day is recommended.
[Caution] Patients with history of epilepsy, kidney insufficiency, Intestinal obstruction and angina are forbidden to use.
[Other ingredients] MCC and gelatin
[Precautions] Caution should be taken for pregnant women
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