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Fine Silver Pewter Men's Rings

Handsome handcrafted by silversmiths of Taxco, Mexico. Fine pewter silver alloy, these rings are truly beautiful masterworks, with all different combinations of stone inlay. You have to see these rings to appreciate how fine they are.

You must be sure to tell your customers that these rings
are NOT .925 silver rather they are fine pewter silver,
a new alloy invented by the silversmiths of Taxco, Mexico.

Fine pewter silver looks exactly like sterling silver; it doesnt tarnish, it doesnt turn one's finger green.
Nobody thought of how to produce this kind of ring until the traditional silversmiths of our world-reknown City of Silver combined techniques that used to be in the separate realms of fine jewelry-making and that of fashion jewelry-making.

In these striking men's Rings you can have both the elegant
quality of a handcrafted silver ring that you can sell for
under $10usd all day. The stone inlay work is obviously
hand-made; so men appreciate this feature that it is NOT
just some stuff from China rather a handsome artisan product

You will sell these rings all day this summer and you can
re-sell them, as there is NOTHING like this in the market.

A comparable visually identical .925 Mens silver ring with stone inlay = about $10 at importer/distributor level.
The Retailer buys that Ring for $12 to $20usd
and resells it to the customers for between $20 and $50usd.

Now direct from Taxco we are offering virtually identical Rings for $3.97 per unit freight included to the USA/Canada!
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
5000 rings per month
Available Colors
turquoise, coral, onyx
Condition of Goods
sizes 8 through 13
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
15 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
50 assorted
Terms of Payment
on presenttion of read-to-ship list
Terms of Sale
delivered delivery in USA/Canada included
average 12 grams