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Zhejiang Haoyunlai Group Co. Ltd is located at the Southeast Development District of the Chinas necktie town - Shengzhou city.
Founded in 1992, we have grown from a small start-up into an enterprise. Accumulating more than 10 years of experience in fabric management and operations, the group expanded with our own Silk-dyeing Mill, Fabric-weaving Mill, Fabric-printing and finishing Mill and Tie-production Mill.
With fixed asset of more than USD 10 million and over 600 employees whom 150 are senior technicians, we are now the leading company in this industry in Shengzhou. The company has an annual production capacity of 800 thousand meters of top quality woven silk woven fabric, 1.3 million meters of printed fabric, 12 million tons of dyed silk and 8 million of ties. To increase production capacity, another 140 hectares of field are purchased in the North - City Industry Park, and coupled with an investment of USD 20 million, aimed to enhance our export trade.
Till date, export is our core competency with products being sold in more than 20 countries such as United States of America, United Kingdom, Japan, Italy, Singapore, etc, achieving a total annual output of USD 15 million.
Quality is the essence of our group. To ensure first-rated quality, modern aged design, top-notch style, and excellent service, the company believes in engaging in the most advanced woven JACQ looms brought in from France and Italy, recruiting talents from qualified design colleges to develop unique and rejuvenated designs and to heighten the style and quality of our products. In addition, we aim to build an effective management and good repute.
During these past years, Zhejiang Haoyunlai Group Co. Ltd has won a number of honors from relevant government departments as well as from Shengzhou city and other provinces. We will continue to reward our clients and customers through improved services and quality through the latest technology and technique.