Sell Mercedes IR Key Progammer

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New tool can programming new blank key with BIN file that's is
generating using Dump Modify software without any desolder of key MCU.

it communication with key via IR and RF in mercedes benz security
protocol . ( that's meaning you can use it for all type keys and if
there any new key with private mcu no problem ) need only to update .
The new Mercedes device working with smart key (old and new) using in car since 1997 up to 2005 - without keylessgo system. You can program new key (ore used) in car and program oun key if its not work more. You read and program eeprom of CPU from Steering blocking module via diagnostic connector (38 pins) . Desolder and read via programmer two CPU from Electronic Ignition Control Module. Load theese eeproms to program. Desolder NEC CPU from the key. Soldering it on the device , select the No of key and program it. Solder all CPU on their places and start the car.

You can program new keys without the car - only with EIS and steering blocking module. You can read theese CPU with help programmer (for ex. ETL) for Motorolla CPU 68HC705X16(32) .

new model smartkey is available programming all smartkey model for all years models W211 - W230 - W203 -W215 - W210