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Deabadh's mergers and acquisitions practice is divided into Buy side and Sell side offerings.

Buy side - We believe that the alignment between the CEO and senior management team in terms of infrastructure (the way that information flows through the business) strategy and culture is the key differentiator between average performance and best of breed IRR or NPV in the context of opportunity cost decisions in investment appraisal.

We also believe in the importance of looking at the people issues from a holistic perspective as part of the deal plan and in seeing through commercial implementation of the new reality ensuring that the management team maximise that new reality and cover the integration piece between the businesses in a planned manner based on built-in disengagement.

Therefore Deabadh offers bespoke comprehensive practical assistance to Due Diligence working with the other advisors on the transaction.

Sell Side - Deabadhs approach is to provide clients with expert help which will minimise the inevitable disruption caused by negotiating points arising out of people Due Diligence in the course of an eventual transaction by a mixture of detailed action planning, the implementation of bespoke best practice and built-in disengagement and therefore knowledge transference from Deabadh.

Please contact us M&A team for any help with this service.