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Sterile, USP;
GMP, DMF available;
Largest manufacturer and exporter in China;
FDA, COA in application;


Meropenem is suitable for both adults and children who are infected by one or more types of bacteria sensitive to Meropenem, including pneumonia (including inpatients with acquired infection) , urinary tract infection, gynecological infection (like endometritis and pelvic inflammation) , skin and soft tissue infection, meningitis and septicemia. For empirical treatment, adult patients who have Granulocytopenia with concurrent fever can be treated with this product alone or in combination with antiviral drugs or antifungal agents.

Meropenem alone or in combination with other antimicrobial agents can be used for multiple infections.

For those infant patients with neutropenia or primary or secondary immunodeficiency, no experience exists regarding this product.

[Specification]: (1) 1.0g and (2) 0.5g, based on the content of C17H25N3O5S,
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20 tons per year
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15 days
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1 kg
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