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Mesh Flex You May Also Be Interested In: sign face
DER factory has Kaermaye wrap knitting equipment from Germany. Mesh is one kind of special solvent inkjet media and a open weave flexible sign face materials. Its open structure allows windflow. It is of good ventilation and lighting. Featured by low cost and easy operation, it is ideal for building wraps.
Products as follow: (Length:50m/roll)
Basic Fabric: 1000DX1000D 9X9 , Weight:240 g/sqm, Width: 2.50/2.80/3.20
Basic Fabric: 1000DX1000D 9X13 , Weight:250 g/sqm, Width: 2.50/2.80/3.20
Basic Fabric: 500DX1000D 18X12 , Weight:270 g/sqm , Width: 2.50/2.80/3.20
Basic Fabric: 1000DX1000D 18X9 , Weight:280 g/sqm, Width: 2.50/2.80/3.20
Item:DM2200 (Non-Woven Film)
Basic Fabric: 1000DX1000D 9X9 , Weight:270 g/sqm, Width: 2.50/2.80/3.20
Item:DM2201 (Non-Woven Film)
Basic Fabric: 1000DX1000D 9X13 , Weight:280 g/sqm, Width: 2.50/2.80/3.20
Item:DM2300 (PVC film combined)
Basic Fabric: 500DX1000D 18X12 , Weight:400 g/sqm, Width: 2.50/2.80/3.20
Item:DM2301 (PVC film combined)
Basic Fabric: 1000DX1000D 9X13 , Weight:380 g/sqm , Width: 2.50/2.80/3.20
Item:DM2400 (Flame Retardant)
Basic Fabric: 1000DX1000D 9X9 , Weight: 250 g/sqm , Width: 2.50/2.80/3.20
Item:DM2401 (Flame Retardant)
Basic Fabric: 1000DX1000D 9X13, Weight: 260 g/sqm , Width: 2.50/2.80/3.20
Item:DM2402 (Flame Retardant)
Basic Fabric: 1000DX1000D 18X9 , Weight:290 g/sqm, Width: 2.50/2.80/3.20
1) . Billboard (frontlit)
2) . Dispalys (indoor and outdoor)
3) . Banners
4) . Building murals and instore displays
5) . Building Wraps and Scaffolding cover