Sell Message Plate AMP001

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Diameter: 350MM
**In a shape of a Bottle Cap
Type : wall-mounted
Frame Pixel: Diametrical 85 dots
Capacity :4M, display up to 125 frames
Display Color:Red + Green + Yellow + Blue + Purple + Cyan + White + Black
Display Content:Any country!/s characters, graphics, animated graphics
Display Mode:Circle, Scan, Diffuse, Slide, GIF Animation
Program:Use software provided in Win95/98/ME/2000/XP environment, through serial port RS232 or USB port (with optional USB to Serial Converter)
Motor:Brushless DC motor
Body Material: Aluminum housing, Smoke color acrylic cover
Power: Universal switching mode power supply with output DC12V 25W
Package:1 Message Plate AMP001, 1 CD for Programming Software,1 Infrared Type Programming Cable, 1 Switching Mode Power Supply
Packing: Individual carton box.
Measurement: 40.5 X 40.5 X 22 cm,
Gross weight:5kg