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It is formed 6 inter-superpose and meshy detecting sections according to human body's structure, and adopted the most advanced digital impulse technology and mutual transmission & receiving so as to detect conceal position of mental exactly.
~It can detect inductive signal quickly by scatter infrared scanning to avoid detecting fail due to influence behind, and count number passed automatically.
~There are 100 levers detecting sensitive program, which can be set according to object's volume, weigh, and size. Therefore, it can detect mini-metal, e. g. : clip to avoid to failed alarm by buckle, key, jewelry and coin.
~It can display passed person person numbers, alarming times, alarming section and alarming strongly or weakly on its light numeral indicator and alarm indicator.
~It is adopted the most advanced magnetic capacitor technology in the world with the need of installation condition to resist magnetic interference by digital filtration of 100 level DSP.
~It can set working signal frequency automatically, and be installed several detecting doors shared with same net and work at the same time without interference.
~It can be connected with computer, through its communication interface to monitor and record.
~It is outfitted infrared thermo induction equipment to avoid unexpected condition due to human's health.
~It has many voice & light alarm manners to identify.
~It can be set & amended parameter and set password by human's hand control & remote control.
~It is no harmful to person with heart pacemaker, pregnant woman, as well as floppy, videotape and film.
~It is adopted international standard fitted with current condition.

Type & Used Place

~Used to law enforcement departments:e. g. : public security bureau, law office, justice court, jail, prison.
~Used to gymnasium, casino, airport, custom, exhibition, musemu and other public grounds entrance.
~Used to valuables produce ; laces:e. g. :electric product, thallium, coin and jewelry
~handy detector also can be used to above-mentioned places.

~Changing a new one in one month: The product was bought within a month, if it appears problem, you can change another after our technical department verify.
~Repairing for free in one year: The product was bought within a year, you can share repairing for free base on your guarantee to repair list.
~Serving in its lifetime: Our company provides technology consultation, technology training and upgrading.
~A tour of inspection termly: Our company sends technicians to your home for testing the product termly.
~Customizing: We can design and produce according to your need.

Electric Supply:90V--250V 50/60Hz
Power waster:35 VA
Working Condition:-200~ 450
Size:(mm)2220(high) W820(wide) W522(deep)
Door size: (mm)2000(high) W700(wide) W522(deep)
Net Weight :65Kg
Signal frequency: According to your necessary.

Brand Name
Supply Capacity
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
110v-220v 50/60Hz
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FOB Shanghai
Warranty Coverage
1 year