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MD-5-II Handle mental detector that is obtained the national patent (Paten No: ZL.01310419.5) has instruction of open signal by buzzer, sounds cleat. It can be used in public security detection of airport, railway station (especially in the detection of mental dangerous goods) , dock, prison, custom and frontier defense, quality detection of medicine, food and other commodities; examination of noble mental and detection other important fields. The machine has past the check of product quality in Shanghai supervision and inspection chief station of public security system, Report number: Shanghai public security inspection 033167

2. Characteristics

Use and modulate simply; especially adapt to detection of dangerous mental goods, eg: knives, dirks, machinery
 Take it easy; no influence in the sport.

Low consumption, if 6V of battery (9V should be used) is used, detection distance doesnt shorten.
 When the battery lacks, it will keep alarming.

3. Detection Distance

Detecting pin: 10-20mm
 Detecting 64-type gun: 120mm

Detecting 6 inches dirk: 60mm
 Detecting steel ball (dia 20mm) : 50mm

4. Operation

Push the power button, when the green lamp is bright, it begins to work. You can detect the subject with detector, when mental is detected, alarm will send out and the red lamp will be bright.

The opening-voice will keep 3-4 seconds which is ordinary. After stopping, you can operate.

5. Sensitivity adjustment

Strip the cell lid, use micro-screwdriver to adjust the screw above in electric potential equipment, turn right until the buzzer sounds, then turn left for about one or two circles. Thats OK.

6. Replacing Battery

Opening the battery cover, insert 9V battery.

7. Attentions

After using the detector, pull the power, take the batteries out when the detector will not be used in a long time.

The detector cannot be disassembled privately, otherwise you should answer for the result

If the detector never alarm when it meets mental goods, you should replace the batteries.

8. Guarantee to keep six months on evidence of the invoice and prevention mark.

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