Sell Metal Marking Machine SN-990

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Name: Metal Marking Machine SN-990
Model: SN-990

Product Introducation:

With the principle of the low voltage can make the surface of the metal ionization and the help of etching marking liquid, it can leave any never- shed- off designs and characters on the any electricity-conducting metals. The products, widely used in all kinds of metal etching marking machines , which have the same effect with the laser but the cost is not as much as the one tenth of it , is the ideal tool for the corporation to raise its image brand.

Marking characteristic:
1) Black or white marking, high precision, dont destroy the work piece smoothness, mark anti-corrosive and high temperature
2) No need computer, the effect of engrave sign as the same as laser engrave sign completely , the cost isnt actually 1/10 of laser engrave machine
3) Its merit is regular, clear, durable , doesnt change color , doesnt decolorize, thermostable , didnt fear the organic scours
4) No matter the product size , the plane, the cambered surface , the thin surface all can print , the printing is fine , depth in 2-4um
5) Operates easily . only needs for several minutes and seconds then to complete, dont need to dry solidifies
6) two person operate together, double efficiency.