Sell Metal Powders like Mg, Ti, Zr, Ni. etc

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We, Parameet Co. Ltd. are Korean manufacturers or Metal powders, Alloy, Getters and Targets used in various industries. We are producing following metal powders and alloys:
1. Titanium.
2. Titanium Hydride.
3. Titanium Alloy.
4. Titanium Intermetallic Compounds.
5. Zirconium.
6. Zirconium Titanium Hydride.
7. Zirconium Alloy.
8. Zirconium Intermetallic Compounds.
9. Silicon.
10. Magnesium.
11. Manganese.
12. Aluminum. &
13. Brass, Barium, Nitride, Chromium, Iron, Cobalt.

These metal powders are widely used in automobile parts, for vessels or submarine, parts for various machines, medical equipment, home appliances, starting material for manufacturing alloys, getter material for vacuum industry, pyrotechnical incendiary compositions, Metallurgy and pyrotechnics and many more.

Also we are manufacturing Getters for high vacuum industry, to create vacuum in container vessel and for purification of different gases in mixtures. Getters are used in many industries like Electronics- PDP, CTR, CCFL, TFT LCD and Lamps etc.
Not only this but also for Thermo Vacuum Bottles, HIP Lamp, Getter Pump and VIP (Vacuum Insolated Panels) .

If you need more information about any specific product, please do not hesitate to contact us with your detailed specification and requirements. We assure you of our best services at all times.

Mr. Nadeem Asghar.