Sell Metal Ring Gasket

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Ring Joint Gaskets includes:
AG 1401 Metal Flat Gasket
AG 1402 Metal Oval Gasket
AG 1403 Metal Octagonal Gasket
AG 1404 BX/RX Metal Gasket
Ring joint gaskets are manufactured in different solid metal types like soft iron, SS304/316/321 metal and other alloy items. They are used to stand high pressure and temperatures and they are employed where corrosive agents are present. Suitable for oil or gas pipe flange, pressure vessel, high speed joint face, valve with high temperature and high pressure.

Typical styles R are divided into oval style and octagonal style, according to its cross section.
Style RX is an improvement of style R in pressure resistant. It is a standard ring gasket suitable for all the flange sealing, which is suitable for style R.
Style BX is another item with a high pressure resistant up to 15,000psi

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