Sell Metal anticorrosion fluorine silicon coating

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Metal anticorrosion fluorine silicon coating

1. Chemical composition and characteristic
The metal anticorrosion fluorine silicon coating is made of high performance fluorine silicone resin, IPN polymer, high quality Pigment padding and special Auxiliary medicinal preparation, becomes through the polymer alloy technology and the specialized coating craft preparation.
* Bearing the chemical corrosion and the electrochemistry corrosion, resisting each kind of strong corrosive medium ability;
* Attaching the strength between varnish film level, high reliability, preventing water, oxygen and other corrosive medium destructions;
* The anti- ultraviolet ray, the heat resistance change ultra, the coating maintenance lifetime is lasting for five days;
* Is suitable for the poor weather condition and each kind of strong corrosion environment.
2. Range of application
Widely used in the petroleum chemical industry, the metallurgy, the electric power, the transportation, the ships, the mine, the building, the submarine project, the thermal energy coal gas, the machine manufacture, the sewage treatment and so on various domains.
Its May take each mechanical device, the bridge, the skeleton, trough pot, vessel, pipeline, platform and outdoors marking and so on, steel and iron, aluminum material, stainless steel corrosion preventing coating.
3. Physical property parametric
Color and outward appearance: each kind of color according to the color card; the coating is toughness liquid, the varnish film is smooth.
viscosity: >=50s / Solid content : >=55%
Fineness degree : <=605m / Flashing point; : 250 more
Surface dry up time : <1h/250
Full dry up time : <=24h/250 (full solidity 7days )
Available period: 6h/250 / Hiding power: <=160g/m2
Standard film thickness : 40~605m (dry film )

4. Operation Guide
Removes by the painting rusty stain, the old varnish film etc, the basic plane request does not have rusts away, greasy dirt, oxide skin and so on unreliable attachment; The steel and iron surface may use spurts sand or pill to eliminate the rust, achieving the St3 level or the Sa2.5 level is the best; If the scene construction condition is limited, eliminates oil rust by steel wire brush and remover processing together; Use special-purpose cleansing agent to eliminate the old paint level, in order to guarantee the basic plane satisfied the construction request.
The painting environment dose not has sand dust, sleet, mist; maintenance basic plane clean is dry, painting under room temperature and clear weather. using brushes spreads, spurts spreads, rolls spreads or soaks spreads method and so on when spreads, according to the special details to select the corresponding method.
Elects evenly to brush spreads/Spurts spreads the primer, after waiting for the primer table done, again paints finishes. Each painting has the time-gap request, the list painting gap is 4 hours; If needed adjusting the coating viscosity, select the necessary special-purpose diluents.
5. Package, Storage and transportation
This packing in the iron bucket in seal in which models; the single package is 5kg, 10kg and 20kg.
This product should deposit in cleanly, dry, cool, ventilating place, avoids with the acid and alkali contact, prevent the rain drenches with the insulation exposes to the sun; the product storage time is a year.
When transported, should add grass rope, paper box or wooden crate packing outside the iron bucket, Avoid the force collision, prevent the leakage.
This product is flammable, strictly prohibits the smoke and fire.

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Metal anticorrosion fluorine silicon coating technology performance chart




Test Method

Adhesion ability level )


GB/T 172089

Flexibility (mm)


GB/T 173193



GB/T 173093

Impact strength (kg. cm)


GB/T 173293

Acid resistance (10%H2SO4)

Soaks 720h, Does not have bubbles, does not have falls off

GB/T 176389

Soaks 720h, Does not have bubbles, does not have falls off

Alkali resistance (30%NaOH)

Soaks 720h, Does not have bubbles, does not have falls off

GB/T 176389

Salt water resistance

Soaks 720h, Does not have bubbles, does not have falls off

GB/T 176389

solvent oil resistance

Soaks 720h, Does not have bubbles, does not have falls off

GB/T 173493

Water proof

Soaks 720h, Does not have bubbles, does not have falls off

GB/T 173393

Wet hot (soggy ) resistance

500h, 2 level

GB/T 174089
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