Sell Metal cutting tools

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We offer a wide range of special metal cutting tools including from high-speed steel, high-speed powder steel and with metaloceramic inserts (brazed carbide tips) .

Turning tools: straight, parting-off, bent, offset face, offset side, boring, finishing, forming, flat-pointed, external and internal thread;

Broaches: straight, round, square and planning broaches;

Drills: diameter > 6 mm, cylindrical and conical shank;

Screw taps: hand and machine taps for metric, Whitworth (inches) and others kinds of thread;

Milling cutters: disk, end, two- and three- sided, profile (forming) , T-shaped, roughing, side milling, slotting and other milling cutters;

Reamers, countersinks, counterbores and screw-threading dies etc.