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Packing materials such as PE bubble envelopes/mailers, craft paper envelope, PET aluminum plated bubble envelopes/mailers are the best choices for many fragile goods like ceramic, electrical appliance, food, glass, electronics, leather products, etc. The goods wrapped or lined with the envelopes or mailer served as a cushioning will protect the content against damage, fragile and dampness caused by rough handling in the course of transportation. Envelopes are enjoying high prestige and are very popular between packing business and mailing business.

Subscription: PE bubble film + PET Aluminum Laminated
Type: CWM01
 WWL+Seal height: 270 W350mm+55mm
 WWL+Seal height: 290 W 350mm+45mm
 WWL+Seal height: 160 W 200mm+55mm

1. Aluminum foil and bubble cushioning laminated;
2. Lightweight & thermal, puncture, moisture resistant;
3. Peel & Seal Closure;
4. Shining colors in Silver, Grey, Black, Red, Blue & Golden;
5. Size ranges from CD size to as huge as 450 x 320mm, can be custom-made;
6. Master carton packaging, polybag packing upon request;
7. Applications: CD/DVD, books & leaflets, photos, jewelry, dental & medical, electrical & electronics, high precision parts, and other fragile items;