Sell Metallized PET film for capacitor

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Metallized PET film for capacitor

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1. Glossary
1.1 Substrate Film (Base Film)
The substrate material for metallic lay being coated on its surface. Regularly used ones are Polypropylene film, Polyester film and Polycarbonate film
1.2 Margin, margin value
In the area of edges or in-between metallized parts of a piece of metallized film, the non-metallized blank insulation band (stripe) is called margin. Its width is called Margin Value in millimeter.
1.3. Self-healing
A phenomenon that when partial dielectric of the metallized film is broke through, the electrical property can resume to the status prior to breakthrough automatically.
1.4 Thickness of coated lay
The thickness of metallic lay of a piece of metallized film is thickness of coated lay. Normally it is indicated by ohm /square ((Ohms)/) .
2. Classification and denomination
The type and specification of product consists of three parts, product type, margin type and dimensions & specifications.
Product type margin type dimensions & specifications
For instance MPPAZH S 7-85W2.5
2.1 Dimensions & specifications
Dimensions & specifications of metallized film is indicated by three sections of Arabic numbers. The first section means the thickness of substrate film. The second section indicates the width of metallization. The third section shows the margin value (mm) of metallized film. In-between sections a hyphen(-) or a multiplication sign (W) is employed.
For example 7-85W2.5 means 75m film, 85 mm metallization width and 2.5 margin width.
2.2. Products type
MPPA-aluminum metallized polypropylene film
MPPAZH-aluminum and zinc metallized PP film with heavy edge
MPPAF- anti-explosion aluminum metallized PP fuse film.
MPPAZFH-anti-explosion aluminum metallized PP fuse film with heavy edge
Among the codes:
M means metallized
PP indicates polypropylene film
A means aluminum layer film
AZ aluminum and zinc film
H heavy edge film
F anti-explosion fuse film
2.3 Type of margin
3. The physical/mechanical property and electrical property of metallized film
(*: Resistance value can be tailor-made in pursuance of customers request)
4. Typical curves of metallized PP film and its capacitance properties.
Sequence no. Item PP PET
1 Tensile strength MDMPa >=100 >=84
2 Elongation at breakMD% 40~200 >=22
3 Thermal shrinkageMD% <=5.0 <=3.0
4 * Resistance (Ohms)/ Al 2~4130%
5 * Al/Zn 6~7.5130%, heavy edge area: 3or 3.5130%
7 Dielectric intensity V/5m DC >=350 >=200
8 AC >=240
9 RC Value (Ohms)F >=5W104 >=5W104
10 Dielectric dissipation tangent <=4W10-4 <=6W10-3