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Metallurgical Contractors
Jumbo Mechanical Industry Ltda. owns a significant production facility, able to satisfy the needs of customers in a broad range of industry segments.
Our services include general machining of medium and large scales and a versatile and agile weldment shop able to attend to numerous types of projects.

We offer complete support in welding and we are certified by the American Welding Standarsds (AWS) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME) to offer all types of welding services. We own modern cutting equipments with high capacity loading and unloading facilities, large mechanical assembly areas, sand blasting, painting and high quality heat treatment complete Jumbo's manufacturing and production structure. We are a modern company dedicated to satisfying the needs of the medium and large industries in all of our national territory and abroad.
ISO 9001/2000
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labor and materials 90 days