Sell Metallurgical Vehicles and Ladles

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Metallurgical Vehicles and Ladles

1. Transferring Equipments of Furnace
a Iron Transferring Ladle Car
b Automobile Driven Iron Ladle Car
c ZZD Type Motor-Driven Tilting Slag Ladle Car
d ZZF Type Sling Tilting Slag Ladle Car

2. Motor-driven Flat Cars
a KP Type Motor-driven Flat Car
b KPT Type Motor-driven Flat Car
c KPD Type Motor-driven Flat Car
d KPDS Type Motor-driven Flat Car
e Span Crossing Flat Car

3. Transferring Equipments of Converter
a Motor-Driven Ladle Car
b Motor-Driven Slag Disc Car
c Converter Repair Car
d Converter Bottom Car
e Motor-driven Slag Tranferring Car
f Hot Metal Weighing Car
g Excess Molten Steel Backtracking Car
h Span Crossing Cars Used for Metallurgy Industry
i Basket Transfer Bogie
j Motor-driven Slag Ladle Car
k Transport Cars for Roll, Steel Coil or Aluminum Coil

4. Other Special Purpose Metallurgical Equipments
a Cast Iron Device
b Tilting Type Slag Ladle
c Sling Tilting Slag Ladle
d Iron Ladle
e Slag Disc
f Excess Molten Steel Disc
g Steel Ladle
h Gantry Hook
i Vehicle Accessories such as Wheelset
CE ISO9001-2000