Sell Methanol

Parameter & Specification

Methanol purity Weight % Min 99.85

Appearance Clear and free of suspended matter

Color Pt-Co scale Max 5

Specific gravity, 20/20 degree C 0.7920-0.7930

Distillation range degree C max 0.5, incl. 64.6

Water mg/kg Max 500

Ethanol mg/kg Max 50

Carbonylic compounds as acetone mg/kg Max 30

Non volatile matter mg/kg Max 10

Acidity as acetic acid mg/kg Max 30

Permanganate time at 15 degree C minutes Min 60

Carbonisable substances (sulphuric acid wash test) Pt-Co scale Max 30

Hydrocarbons To pass test

Chloride as Cl- mg/kg Max 0.5

Sulphur mg/kg Max 0.5

Total iron mg/kg Max 0.1
Minimum Order Quantity