Sell Methyl Tetrahydro Phthalic Anhydride (MTHPA)

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Product Name: Methyl Tetrahydro Phthalic Anhydride, MeTHPA, MTHPA
CAS No. : 11070-44-3
Molecular Formula: C9H10O3
Molecular Weight: 166.17
Chemical Structure:

Flash Point: 1400
Technical Data:
Appearance Clear yellowy liquid, no impurity
Color, Pt-Co 200 MAX
Viscosity, PaS (250) 0.045 MAX
Density, g/m3 (200) 1.2110.05
Acid Anhydride, % 40.5 MIN
Acid Value, mg KOH/g 660~685
Freezing Point, 0 -15 MAX
Loss on drying (1200) , % 1.0 MAX

It is one of the best solidifier or curing agent for epoxy resins, It is a new material for electronic and mechanical products. It is widely used in casting, sealing and covering of electronic devices, such as output transformer, capacitor and inter sensor.

1. High purity and light luster: Can be used to prepare colorful epoxy resin solidifier.
2. Low viscosity: It is easy to be casted and sealed, while casting, plenty of fillers are acceptable, thus can improve the quality of finished product.
3. Good stability: the duration is longer and the freezing point is much lower. It can be stored at room temperature for long time.
4. Low volatility: Low toxic, it is just 2.5% of amine solidifier in toxicity. Low loss on drying.

Storage: Store in cool, dry and ventilated place, keep away from direct sunlight.
Packing: 220kg iron drum, 17.6mts per 20ft container
Transport: Transport as per non-dangerous chemicals.