Sell Methyl tin chloride

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Methyl tin chloride uses our own proprietary technology to synthesize tin powder, stannic chloride, methyl chloride under high temperature, high pressure and catalyst conditions. That is a leading edge technology. The process makes the products reproducible, high-volume at one batch and suitable for mass production of methyl tin mercaptide heat stabilizer. It is also the primary material to produce methyl tin mercaptide heat stabilizer.
Safety performance
The result of toxicity : Dimethyltin dichloride; Trichloromethylstannane. It is low poisonous according to acute toxicity test.
Main ingredients: Trichloromethylstannane, Dimethyltin dichloride
Product usage: It is main material in the processing of PVC heat stabilizer

Technical Parameter
Appearance Clean liquid
Trimethyltin chloride (%) <0.15%
Trichloromethyl stannane (%) 19~29
Tin content (%) 25~27
Specific gravity (200) 1.35~1.45
Chlorine ion concentration (mol/l) 5.8~6.2
Solids content (%) 50~55
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
200MT per month