Sell Methyl tin mercaptide SW-977

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Product Name: Methyl Tin Mercaptide SW-977
Methyl Tin Mercaptide SW-977 is the best PVC plastic heat stabilizer which widely used in the calendering, extrusion, blow molding and injection molding products. It has become the key auxiliary for PVC sheets, shrink film, flexible tube, pellets and other products because of its good initial colorability, excellent transparency and outstanding thermal stability. This product is suitable for the demanding applications on stability and transparency. FDA approved for food packaging and water pipes usage.
Technical parameters:
Appearance Clean and oiled transparent fluid
Chroma (Pt-Co) <=50
Viscosity(250, Pa. S) 0.020-0.080
Specific Gravity(200) 1.17-1.19
Sulfur Content (%) 11.5-12.5
Tin Content (%) >=19.0
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
200MT per month
Model Number