Sell Methyl tin stabilizer Thermostab 977

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Product Description
Thermostab-977 heat stabilizer is a high efficiency, liquid, sulfur containing, methyl tin mercaptide for demanding rigid PVC processes. Thermostab-977 provides excellent early color hold and long-term processing stability. Thermostab-977 also provides outstanding clarity in rigid PVC clear applications. Thermostab-987 heat stabilizer is US FDA grade.

Typical Physical Properties:
Appearance Clear Oily Liquid
Color (Pt-Co) <=50
Viscosity (25: C, Pa. S) 20  80
Specific Gravity (20: C) 1.17  1.19
Sulfur content (%) 11.5  12.5
Tin content (%) >=19

Standard Packaging
 220 kg steel or plastic drum
 Non-returnable plastic tote.

Product Benefits
 Excellent early color hold and outstanding dynamic long-term stability
 Outstanding versatility allow it to be formulated for most of demanding PVC applications  weatherable profile extrusion, consistent density foam sheet, high shear injection molded fitting, and high output siding extrusion.
 Perfect stabilizer for clear bottle blow molding and calender film.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
200MT per month
Model Number
Thermostab 977