Sell Methyldichlorosilane

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Applications: The basic material of silicone, it is mainly used in the production of hydrosilicone oil, methyl vinyl monomer aminosilance and hydroxysilance, osmotic waterproof etc.
Hazard characteristics: It is flammable, its vapor together with Air's will form explosive mixture, and then inflammation and explosion will arise when it meets naked fire, high heat. And it will decompose poisonous caustic smoke when it meets with water and vapour. Interior pressure in the vessel increases leading to the danger of splitting and explosion when it meets high heat. It is of causticity.
Stability: Stable, strong reaction with water and alcohol, combustible.
Polymerized danger: Free of being polymerized
Condition to avoid being contacted: Humid air
Banned articles: Strong oxidant, Acid, Water
Decomposition products: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydride chlorine, monox etc.
Package storage and transportation: It should be packed in 200L iron bucket (net weight 170kg/bucket) and be stored in a shady, cool and ventilated storehouse. It should be kept away from kindling; temperature in the storehouse above 300 is not suitable. Avoid direct sunlight. Air proof package is required without contact with air. And it should be put and stored separately from oxidant, acid, and alkali. The installation of lighting and ventilation in the storehouse should be explosion-proof. Switches are located in outside the storehouse. Corresponding varied and quantitative fire fighting equipment should be equipped. Check regularly to make sure whether there is a leakage phenomenon. Operate and handle in nitrogen gas. When conveying, take care of loading and unloading to avoid damages on package and vessels. A regulated route is required for transportation without changing the route and staying on the midway.
Quality guarantee period: Quality guarantee period of this product is 6 months. Recheck by this standard is required when the product exceeds the time limit. The product can still be used only after the result of recheck is up to this standard.