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Molecular Formula:C14H15N5O6S
Molecular Weight:381.4
CAS No. :74223-64-6

Description: colorless crystal ( industrial product is off white solid, with ester odor) . Melting point: 158Celsius system. Vapor pressure:0.3mPa (extrapolating to 25Celsius system) . Solubility, 1.1g/L (pH5) , and 9.5g (pH7) in water; 36g/L in acetone at 25Celsius system, 121g/L in dichloromethane, 2.3g/L in ethyl alcohol, 0.79mg/L in hexane, 7.3g/L in methanol, and 58mg/L in xylene. Kow 1.0 (pH5) AND 0.014 (pH7) . The acid imide group appears acidic, pKa 3.3.

Specifications: 95%TC,20%, ,60%WP,20%,60%WG

Package: 25KG cardboard drum